BCSCW Awarded Gold Status by the Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition!

10/13/2014 12:31 PM | Anonymous

The Breastfeeding Coalition of South Central Wisconsin is proud to announce that the Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition has recognized the BCSCW with a GOLD AWARD.

The GOLD AWARD is the highest-level award offered by the Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition to member coalitions.

The BCSCW met nearly every possible criteria for consideration under the Gold category including ALL of the following:

  • Be active in one or more WBC committees
  • Have at least quarterly meetings (in-person or teleconference) with at least 5 of these sectors represented (e.g., WIC, local/tribal health department, local business, La Leche League, childcare provider, local policymaker, local media contact, healthcare provider, parent)
  • Develop coalition bylaws 
  • Establish at least 3 member positions 
  • Establish at least 2 subcommittees 
  • Coalition representative attends events/conferences (e.g., WALC, LLL, professional training) 
  • Present information at WBC Annual Summit 
  • Fundraise 
  • Write a grant 
  • Provide continuing education opportunities to coalition members 
  • Create a Facebook page 
  • Create a coalition website 
  • Create list of local media contacts 
  • Develop relationship with local media contact 
  • Designate media spokesperson 
  • Develop a press release 
  • Develop a news article 
  • Develop a letter to the editor 
  • Develop an opinion editorial 
  • Participate in a media interview 
  • Invite local media to a coalition public event or meeting 
  • Organize local photo/video project 
  • Develop a local BF resource list for childcare providers and parents 
  • Recognize BF-friendly local childcare providers 
  • Develop a local BF resource list for childcare providers and parents: "Looking for a Children's Book That Shows Breastfeeding?" list (updated February 2014)
  • Write to a local policymaker 
  • Meet with a local policymaker 
  • Write to a state policymaker 
  • Meet with a state policymaker 
  • Create materials with coalition logo or WBC local chapter logo 
  • Create and distribute a map of local, public pumping locations 
  • Recognize BF-friendly local businesses 
  • Recognize BF-friendly local public spaces 
  • Provide BF education to healthcare providers 
  • Hold a public event 
  • Participate in a local community health or parenting fair 
  • Promote World BF Week 
  • Work with a local hospital to become Baby-Friendly or to “Ban the Bags” 
  • Present information on a statewide coalition networking call 
  • Mentor another local BF coalition or share resources 
Special thank to board member, Anne Altshuler, for completing the extensive application on behalf of the BCSCW!
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